Emergency Lighting You Can Trust!

Emergency Lighting is lighting which automatically comes on, or stays on - when the power supply to the lighting in a commercial premises, be that a hotel or an office - cuts. The term emergency lighting is very broad, and encompasses both standby lighting and escape lighting.

Although hopefully never needed, emergency lighting comes into play when a building suffers from a power cut - which can be caused by anything from mains electricity failing, right across to a fire taking place within the building.

Emergency Lighting has been designed to operate independently, and specifically helps occupants of a building see under emergency situations, as well as leave the premises safely.

Emergency Lighting is covered by BS 5266-1 which covers emergency lighting minimum requirements across hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, coffee shops, apartment blocks and even schools & colleges.

You can view our full range of Emergency Lighting across this site, and just get in touch if you have any questions about the range, or how these products need to be deployed into your organisation.